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Xie Liling


Xie Liling (謝莉玲 Xie Liling / Sha Reirei) is a vulpine therian from Heixiejing, Quanshui. She is the wife of Lang.

Liling followed a matchmaking ritual and was chosen to marry Lang. She was also introduced to Lang's childhood friend, Huang Qinglong and Su Xiaolin. Xie Liling bonded well with Su Xiaolin and they become best friends in short time. When Xiaolin was sick, she was the one taking care of her while her husband and Qinglong looked for a cure.

She was born in a devout family and became a devout follower of the Yongheng Hexie. This made her very calm, able to make good decisions, and of course, made her very likable among the people in Lacish. At times, Xie Liling is too calm in the face of dire situations. One time, she sat down sipping tea while an avalanche hit Heixiejing. Of course, she already knew that the avalanche would stop right in front of her house.

Xie Liling is a borrowed concept from Buster Wolf's character, Xi-li Rin. Xie Liling is 161 cm tall and weighs 48 kg.

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