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Su Xiao-Lin (Soulcalibur)
Created by Buster Wolf


Full Name: Su Xiao-Lin
Age: 19
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Birthdate: April 13
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Magenta
Laterality: Left
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Bo Staff
Weapon Name: Yin Yang


First family/Killed by Lizardmen
Second family/Ling-Sheng Su Temple members dead when she arrived
"Mom"/Captain Katerina Rochefort (to Xiao-Lin she is like a mother)
Friend/Seong Mi-na
Friend later boyfriend/Huang Qing-Long

It was a peaceful day like any other, kids were playing, women were gossiping and men were boasting with stories of their past. All seemed well till a womans scream was heard, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction it came from. As soon as the woman was visible she was cut down by a lizard like creature and a whole pack appeared to ravage the village, all children and non-combatant women fled from the village in hopes of making it out alive.

The village was taken over within minutes and nearly every villager was killed except for one girl. She ran as fast as she could, but tripped and fell to the ground. As she struggles to get back up she looked behind her and saw the creature reading the final strike, she closed her eyes and yelled as at the top of her lungs and as she did a figure appeared seemingly out of thin air and struck down the creature with a single blow.

When she opened her eyes she saw the creature lying dead then looked above to see a woman with a bladed nunchaku in hand "Only one…there must be more nearby…" the woman said in a cautious tone. A few seconds later the sounds of others from the pack could be heard "Not good…" the woman said grinding her teeth "Up we go." and she picked up the girl and began running away, the girl unwillingly feel asleep possibly from exhaustion.

As the girl awoke she sees two people, one of which she's already familiar with "Aww, she's so cute." were the gentle words said by the other person "Try not to get to attached." replied the woman from before "We're not going to keep her?" said the gentle person in a disappointed tone "It's too dangerous to keep her with us…I know a place where she can be safe." and with that said they were off. Apparently the woman happened to be the captain of pirate crew, what their motives and goals were however were unknown. In time the girl revealed her name as Xiao-Lin while being introduced to the crew of the ship and reached the destination within hours after her introduction.

The woman carried Xiao-Lin towards a temple which many know as the Ling-Sheng Su Temple famous for its martial arts. When they reached the entrance a monk was there to greet them.

Monk: Ah, Kat nice to see you again.
Kat: Yes it is…listen is there a chance that this girl can be kept here with you guys?
Monk: I'll have to check with the master first.

And the monk left, in which Kat stepped through and a lot of monks could be seen training "Well…hopefully they'll take you in." was all Kat could say and though Xiao-Lin knew her situation she couldn't help but smile at seeing so many people training much like how her previous home was. The monk that was spoken to earlier came back with great news and Kat gave her farewell to Xiao-Lin then left to go back to her crew.

Xiao-Lin would help out around the temple from time to time, but would occasionally get distracted whenever she saw the monks training. Others would ask if she wanted to go and give it a try, but she would politely refuse each time till one time where someone suggested she give it a try in which she did.

She did enjoy herself while training for the first time ever and it was decided that she would do that instead of cleaning, though she would have to deliver things from time to time.

Several years later she had an important delivery to make and was also given a bracelet for all the hard work she has done. Xiao-Lin headed towards a port in India in hopes of finding a ship to take her to her destination. She saw a ship getting prepared to leave and politely asked someone "Excuse me, are you the captain of this ship?" the person gave a small chuckle "Someone thinks I'm the captain for once." and turned around to look at Xiao-Lin still slightly laughing "I am sorry though as our captain is not here at the moment, you can wait for a while since the captain should be back soon", "That voice…I've felt like I've met her before…" she thought to herself all the while not keeping her eyes away away from two people on the ship "Those two look like they are about to fight…" the person she talked to looked to see that Xiao-Lin was indeed correct and went to stop them. A few minutes later a woman came back and the moment Xiao-Lin layed eyes on her a flashback from when she was saved as a child happened instantly "I remember you!" she yelled forgetting that the woman was talking with someone and the woman had a quizzical expression on her face.

Xiao-Lin: Oh…sorry…but as I said I remember you…several years ago I you saved me from a lizard like creature.
Woman: Lizard like creature……Xiao-Lin?

Xiao-Lin nods her head.

Kat: Wow…never thought we'd meet again, you've grown a lot since last time, what are you here for?
Xiao-Lin: Well I am in need of a ship to travel to a temple as an errand.
Kat: Sure we can do that.

When they arrived Xiao-Lin told the guard about the delivery from the Ling-Sheng Su and she was directed to the masters chamber. Upon arrival she presented him with the sword she was to deliver. She bowed in respect, and then went to leave though something in the air felt…amiss. When she was near the exit a blade hit the ground near her feet and she jumped back as a reflex.

It would seem Xiao-Lin had no chance of being left to escape easily and readied her weapon. Two monks stood in front of her; one with a Guan Do Sword[1]Guan Do Sword - Think Seong Mi-nas Hyup Do, but with a dragon head holding the blade in it's mouth (Dynasty Warriors fans should know what I'm talking about). and the other with a Nunchaku. They both jumped at her the Guan Do Sword wielder swung downward, but missed as Xiao-Lin moved back slightly while the other one swung at her head level and missed to which she countered by hopping forward putting her foot on top of the Guan Do Sword while hitting the Nunchaku wielder in the head with the back of her Bo Staff followed by a thrust to the abdomen of the other[2]Hopping forward putting her foot on top of the Guan Do Sword while hitting the Nunchaku wielder in the head with the back of her Bo Staff followed by a thrust to the abdomen of the other - Me trying to explain Kiliks B+K6B. knocking the both out cold. As she stood to relax herself a knife thrown from behind nicked her shoulder, startled by it she turned around to see the Master of the temple, but with an evil aura surrounding him. They engaged in fierce combat matching each other strike for strike there looked to be no clear winner in sight, they stood to a long stare down and she slowly slid her foot forward and the Master did the same soon after her and they both charged towards each other and put all their strength behind their final strike.

Time itself felt as if it stopped as both of them stood still…seconds later Xiao-Lin fell to her knees covering her mouth, then the Master fell to his knees while letting go of his sword then collapsed on the floor. Xiao-Lin weakly stood up to take a look outside of the room and saw all but one student dead though he was heavily covered in blood. She tried to sneak past him and succeeded…or so she thought…as she reached the entrance Xiao-Lin met up with Kat who helped her move towards the ship. Around halfway Xiao-Lin started to slowly lose consciousness and at the same time the student whom Xiao-Lin thought she escaped from appeared, the student tried to attack Xiao-Lin from behind but was quickly disarmed by Kat and she quickly struck his head, then went back to carrying Xiao-Lin "Hang in their Xiao…Xiao?…XIAO!!!" were the last words to echo in her ears.

It would be days before her eyes opened again "So you're finally awake." were the first words she heard. Xiao-Lin tried to sit upright, but she felt a pain in her stomach and went back to how she was.

Kat: Try not to move a lot, you still need to rest.
Xiao-Lin: O-Okay…by the way what happened?
Kat: No clue…my crew all of a sudden went berserk & killed each other…
Xiao-Lin: …Sounds like what happened at the temple…

She then notices a familiar dark energy around Kat.

Kat: After I…killed my last member I went to try and find you…I found you faster than I thought I would…your condition was bad and you happened to pass out along the way which I had to carry you on my back to get here.
Xiao-Lin: How long?
Kat: Three days.
Xiao-Lin: I see…are we going back to the Ling-Sheng Su Temple?

Kat nods her head.

Upon nearing the entrance Kats body seemed to forbid her from entering as such Xiao-Lin went in alone. She saw many dismembered bodies in many of the rooms after seeing enough she went back to the entrance and told Kat of what she saw, shortly after Xiao-Lin suggested traveling to the Himalayas to see if Edgemaster knew something.

Upon arrival they quickly looked for Edgemaster, greeted him and asked questions that he had answers to. After all the questions Xiao-Lin requested if she could stay with Edgemaster till she felt ready and he accepted, Kat waved good-bye and left.

Four years later Xiao-Lin thanked Edgemaster for the training and left. Now at the gentle age of 19 she has been known to sit on a stump as if waiting for someone at the Indian Port. One day she felt a familiar presence behind her, but didn't turn around to acknowledge it till a hand touched her shoulder. She turned to see Kat who had a stronger will in her eyes and a big smile on her face "Ready?" Kat asked "Yes." Xiao-Lin replied happily and their journey to locate Soul Edge begins.

Name: Su Xiao-Lin
Age: 19
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Birth Date: April 13
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Magenta
Laterality: Left
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Sanjiegun (Three-sectional Staff)
Weapon Name: Yin Yang
Critical Finish: Burning Phoenix Dance (Kiliks CF)


First family/Killed by Lizardmen
Second family/Ling-Sheng Su Temple members dead when she arrived
"Mom"/Captain Katerina Rochefort (to Xiao-Lin she is like a mother)
Friend/Seong Mi-na
Boyfriend/Huang Qing-Long

“In a distant island there lies a temple I’m sure it holds something about your past Xiao…” those words ran through her mind as Captain Kats ship sailed to an uncharted island which as she said was close to where Xiaos old home used to be. As the ship made it’s stop Kat gave them a word of warning.

Kat: It’s been a while since I’ve come to this place…remember to keep your eyes peeled incase of any danger, I’ll be waiting for you guys here okay.
Xiao-Lin & Qing-Long: Yes ma’am.

And with that Xiao-Lin & Qing-Long set to explore the island. During the trip she had the odd feeling that they were being followed, but ignored it for the time being.

After a couple of minutes they saw the entrance to a temple and stopped at the door.

Xiao: Qing…have you felt…like we were being followed?
Qing: Nah…*nose scratch*haven’t had that feeling.
Xiao: Hmm…

They both looked at the door Qing-Long scratched his head trying to figure out what it said and took a glance to see Xiao-Lin happened to be reading it, just then a branch loudly snapped behind them which cause them both to jerk their head in the direction it came from.

Qing: I’ll take a look to see what that was, you keep reading that since I have no clue what it says.

And with that he ran in the direction of the sound. Xiao-Lin continued to read till she got to a part which shocked her, she took a step back and an object passed right by her nicking her right ribs when Xiao saw the object she saw that it was a familiar Spear with a Blue blade “Milda?” she thought and turned around to see heavily armored figure fly her way and dodged the oncoming attack.

Xiao: You…who are you?
???: I am…your mother.

Xiao-Lin was shocked to hear such words, her mother…her real mother…standing in front of her? Just then she had a slight flashback of when she was young…“THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE MY MOTHER!” she yelled and the mysterious attacker then took a step back.

Xiao: Now tell…me what did you do to Milda!
???: I guess you are referring to the original wielder of that Spear…she refused to tell me some information I wanted…so I killed her.

Without hesitation Xiao-Lin made a mad dash at her unknown foe. They seemed evenly matched in skill though Xiaos anger clouded her, the mysterious foe tripped Xiao and knocked her into a nearby tree and prepared a final lunge with her Spear at Xiaos heart. Xiao-Lin was able to catch her opponents Spear before it made contact with her skin and held it tightly struggling to keep it away “Well then…” said the foe coldly “Now you DIE!” and gripped her sword ready to stab Xiao-Lin. Xiao-Lin was able to snap the Spearhead off of her foes weapon and held her Staff above her head as means to block the sword…but nothing happened…

Qing: Hey Xiao baby!
Xiao: Huh?
Qing: Come on let’s go before she wakes up.
Xiao-Lin: R-right…

Xiao never managed to a glimpse of the attackers face before leaving and returning to Captain Kats ship.

Later that night.

Kat: So you need to kill a person who has your hair and eye colors reversed?
Xiao: Yes…or at least that’s what I read…speaking of which Qing.
Qing: Hm?
Xiao: Before you knocked that Woman out did something from her seem…unusual?
Qing: No why do yo-

He stopped talking and got closer to Xiaos face.

Xiao: Um…Qing?
Qing: Hold for a little while………your eyes…are the same color as her hair!
Xiao: Wha?

At that same moment Xiao-Lins bracelet began to shine Second time it’s done that…those swords… she silently thought to herself while looking at it.

Qing: So…need an…”activity” to keep your mind at ease?
Xiao: Was that on your mind the whole time:p? Well…try ignoring this mark on my ribs if you can…

Captain Kat left the two alone so they could continue. With two choices does Xiao-Lin go for finding about the swords or her past?

Name: Su Xiao-Lin
Age: 36
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Birth Date: April 13
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Magenta
Laterality: Left
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Sword and Trident
Weapon Name: Tiger Fang and Dragon Claw


Mother/Su Jiang-Ying
Husband/Huang Qing-Long
Daughter/Huang Zhu-Que
Sister/Su Liao-Xin

"Mommy the jewel on the bracelet started shining…what does it mean?" these words ran through her mind, with a loud sigh she thought "I had a feeling the peace wasn't going to last forever…" unaware of her husband behind her she jumped slightly when he placed his hand on her shoulder.

Qing-Long: Xiao baby, got a lot on your mind? Don't worry so much.
Xiao-Lin: …You're right I just wasn't expecting this so soon.
Qing-Long: Heh, come on let's not keep them waiting a little exercise wouldn't hurt.

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