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Ryū Bi (Gentoku) ~ Liu Bei
Real Name: Tōka

A descendant of a distinguished family who was given possession of a sword, the family heirloom, before she encountered the man who would eventually steal her name (leading everyone to believe him to be Ryūbi Gentoku in the first season) and her sword, causing her to fall into disgrace. To redeem herself, she ventures out in search for the man and her sword, which leads her to Aisha and company, who are greatly surprised of her identity (in fact she is nearly assaulted by Shion, and later Sui, upon hearing of the name Ryūbi again). After being attacked twice by bandits (and almost being raped in the second attack) while venturing alone, she concedes to Seis suggestion of joining their group for protection. She is revealed to be an old classmate of Pairen in primary school, even though she doesn't remember Kōsonsans real name Pairen much to the latters disgust.

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