Tong Lingmei
Created by The Strongest Bad


Soul Calibur III

Tong Lingmei is the daughter of the esteemed martial arts master Tong Wufan, and the heir to the Tong School of Martial Arts. However, she has her own ambitions of starting her own school, separating herself from her father's shadow.

An opportunity arose when Seiji Kazemaru, a Japanese samurai who trained under her and her father three years ago, reappeared at their school. Requesting assistance on his journey, Lingmei jumps on the offer to help her old friend. Though her father is reluctant, he allows his daughter to join the samurai on his quest. She hopes to use this worldly experience to leave the shadow of her father and become a legendary warrior in her own right.

Soul Calibur IV

On their way to finding the Soul Swords, Lingmei and Seiji ran into and fought against Ji Gang, a Chinese warrior monk who sought to quell the chaos. He defeated them, though seeing potential in the two young warriors, he offered to train the duo on the condition that they would carry on his mission and destroy Soul Edge once and for all. In return for accepting his offer, Ji Gang gave Lingmei a pair of lightweight, but versatile armored gauntlets to enhance her mobile fighting style with additional offense and defense.

Now with their new skills, Lingmei and Seiji continue to travel to Ostrheinsburg to ensure the destruction of Soul Edge.

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