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The Secutor


The Secutor is a gigas. He is in constant search for a man named "Sauron Fames" who disgraced his little sister. Unfortunately his sister's trauma left him no clue other than a name. Thus he wanders the land, constantly asking for identity.

One fateful day, he met Renn and asked him the very same question that he had said to many other people. The following exchange then ensued:

The Secutor: Are you Sauron Fames?
Renn: No.
The Secutor: Okay, cool.

The Secutor then excused himself and left.

The next encounter, Renn asked him what "Sauron" did to his sister. It turned out that "Sauron" had forced his sister to eat roasted eggplants. On the third encounter, they drank together, in which Renn wished him good luck. The Secutor then was never seen again.

The Secutor never asked for Renn's name and neither did he. As Renn never actually met The Secutor's sister, he has no guilt over lying about his identity.

The Secutor is one of the oldest concepts, but was one of the last renditions created.

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