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Age: 21
Birthdate: 27 Libra 4251
Birthplace: Talia

One of the few that Rousreuel trusts as a friend, Tanon too once sought his bounty. However, he changed his mind afterwards when he realized the Necromancer was not the fiend the people feared and also protected his older sister Gisselia from assailants. A member of the nomadic Zintalo people, Tanon is agile and crafty but rather than focus on magicks and spirituality, he desired adventure and was particularly fascinated by ancient relics and history. For this reason he is seen as strange to the rest of his people besides his sister, especially as the children of their leader. The only reason he hasn't been shunned by his family was because Gisselia insisted on hiding Rousreuel in response to the kindness he displayed to her. Unlike Rousreuel who claims to be guided by what he believes is virtuous, Tanon is a hedonist and took many odd jobs as soon as Rousreuel left the Zintalo to protect both his first true friend and the one he fell in love with. One the same token, he is willing to take less drastic measures but stays by his friend's side to keep him from giving in to his hatred for the Novus Lux. He understands Rousreuel's desires of being a hero the most so it is his actions that in fact lead Rousreuel to Asturania.

Stage: Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider
Theme: Time Marches On

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