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Suzuka Hanehara
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Suzuka Hanehara (羽原 鈴花 Hanehara Suzuka) is a shrine maiden and a powerful exorcist of Arayashiki. She made a contract with a faerie named Poison and an imp succubus named Eve.

An chance encounter forced her to abandon her exorcist organization, causing her to seek refuge in the vast region of Kamishichiken. With the aid of Poison and Eve, she met a courtesan named Manaka to help her in her journey.

Suzuka has aqua eyes and long tidy dark hair. She possesses high spiritual power and used to be easily possessed by evil spirits. With rigorous training over years, Suzuka became capable of controlling her power and joined the ranks of spirit summoner. She appears to be a silent type, but she actually talks a lot in a special frequency that can only be heard by spirit beasts. In battle, Suzuka wields a pair of fans and can summon multiple spirits to aid her.

Suzuka's journey represents her inexperienced drive. She has strong, unfamiliar feelings that excite and frighten her. She knows that she must accept and reveal them eventually, but at the moment, she is not ready.

Suzuka's name was taken from an angel in Angelic Layer. Her last name is taken from the last name of Heat Dopant in Kamen Rider W. She is 17 years old during the event of Echo, 162 cm tall and weighs 50 kg.

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