Wage R. Soepratman


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Wage Roedolf Soepratman
Born: Purworejo, 9 March 1903. Died: Surabaya, 17 August 1938.

Wage Roedolf Soepratman was an Indonesian songwriter who wrote both the lyrics and melody of the national anthem of Indonesia - "Indonesia Raya."

His brother-in-law, van Eldik, gave him a violin as seventeenth birthday present in 1920. After graduating from Malay school in 1917, he attended Dutch language courses and graduated in 1919. He continued to Normaal School and became an auxiliary teacher in Makassar after he graduated.

In 1920, he and van Eldik founded a jazz-styled band, called Black & White. He played as a violinist. They performed at weddings and birthday parties in Makassar. He composed both music and lyrics for the song "Indonesia Raya", which later became Indonesia's National Anthem. It was introduced at the Second Indonesian Youth Congress on 28 October 1928. It was quickly adopted by Soekarno's PNI. The text was revised in November 1944, and the melody arranged to its present musical form in 1958.

Since July 1933, he began to feel ill. In November 1933, he resigned as Sin Po journalist and settled in Cimahi, then Palembang, finally in Surabaya. On 17 August 1938, he died at 01.00 a.m. and his remains was buried in Kenjeran, Surabaya. On 13 March 1956, his bones was moved to Tambak Segaran Wetan cemetery.

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