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Sleipial Ni Aibell


Sleipial Ni Aibell is an aes'sidhe War Dancer from Crann Mor, Thorthuil. She is the daughter of Aibell and Dubhlainn. Her given name is Maev.

Ran away from home, Sleipial found her place among the guilds. One day, she took an unusual request from a vate officials to escort a vate to Aistear Creidimh. The vate she needs to escort was Spica. Upon seeing her, Sleipial was smitten; she worked hard to finish the request and win her heart. She and Spica later met a trojan named Rudolph who swore allegiance to them.

She has chateruse eyes and short dark sapphire hair. Later in her journey, her hair grew longer. She has a short temper, and generally dislikes obnoxious men. On the other side, she adores cute things and like to eat ice cream. Sleipial is somehow afraid of ghosts, as she cannot hit something ethereal. In battle, she wields a sidhe bladebow and also uses healing spells. She is more lethal in close range, but cannot take many hits.

She is the best cook in party and can make various dishes. When idling in a town, she can be found in the hunter's guild, automatically doing errands. At times she sings together in bars with Kirsche.

Her journey represents her fear and survival instinct. In a crisis, she is desperately hanging to something that is collapsing. It is inevitable that despite her fear she must let go and face the unknown.

Sleipial's name came from an approach to feminize "Sleipnir", incidentally it sounds similar to "slaidear", which means thief, referring to her habit of stealing women's heart. She is 21 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 172 cm tall and weighs 58 kg.

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