Seiji Kazemaru


Soul Calibur III

Lord Hirosuke Takazaki, a small-time daimyo from the islands of the Inland Sea, seeks information on the legendary western sword, Soul Edge. He believes that this power can overthrow the warlord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who has taken over Japan and destroyed the Takazaki clan's ambitions for expansion. The young daimyo sends his oldest friend and most trusted vassal, Seiji Kazemaru, to the west to gather information, and possibly to obtain the sword itself. Seiji, longing to travel again, agrees to help his friend and master, and sets off for Europe.

Three years prior to the events, Seiji had traveled across the East Asian mainland, learning of different cultures, skills, and even combat styles. Even before that, Seiji had learned Shaolin kenpo and broadsword arts from his father's old friend, a Chinese pirate named Raikyo. Upon his return to Japan one year ago, he used his new skills to slay a powerful oni threatening the people of Sawasaki. For both his worldly experience and his fight against a supernatural threat, Seiji was the top candidate for the task.

Before setting sail for Europe, he sets his sights for China, in the hopes of enlisting the help of an old friend.

Soul Calibur IV

On their way to finding the Soul Swords, Seiji and Lingmei ran into and fought against Ji Gang, a Chinese warrior monk who sought to quell the chaos. He defeated them. Seeing potential in the two young warriors, he offered to train the duo on the condition that they would carry on his mission and destroy Soul Edge once and for all. He gave Seiji a fragment of Soul Edge as a gift, hoping that it would help on their quest.

Now with their new skills, Seiji and Lingmei continue to travel to Ostrheinsburg to ensure the destruction of Soul Edge.

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