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Rudolph is a trojan Rune Vanguard and a member of Krieger Reiter knighthood. The name "Rudolph" was given by the Krieger Reiter leader, Donder.

Swore to find for the killer of his mentor and leader, he embarked on a journey. Unfortunately, he did not know where to start. After wandering aorund with no clue, he met Spica and Sleipial who was on their journey to Aistear Creidimh. Pledging his alliance to them, Rudolph acts as their bodyguard, although mostly used to be the errand boy.

Rudolph has blue eyes, black hair and has a patch of diamond-shaped white hair on his forehead. Although he is a trojan, Rudolph is human-raised. He is polite, courageous, and very bold, but not much of brains to the point that he did not realize that he is a trojan until Donder pointed it out. Because of this, he is often used by Sauron to carry luggage. In battle, Rudolph wields a trojan sword and acts as the shield of the team, possessing great stamina and magic resistance.

Rudolph is a vegetarian and so are his dishes. The taste is not bad, but the party hates when he disguises hay as spaghetti. When idling in a town, he can be found in the Hunter's guild, doing errands that emphasize on physical prowess. At times, this can make him unavailable if he take an errand to send items to another town, which he likes a lot.

Rudolph's journey represents his higher spiritual self. He considers himself alone in the universe and no one else can share the experience. At some brief moment, he can see everything clearly and can change his life.

Rudolph's name was taken from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. His character deign was inspired by the titular horse Black Beauty. He is 192 cm tall and weighs 104 kg.

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