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Alan Richard


A member of the Liberl Kingdom intelligence, and one of the party members in Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (英雄伝説 空の軌跡 Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki). Richard made his first appearance in the First Chapter, but only playable in the Third Chapter.

In the First Chapter, he was the mastermind of the chaos at Liberl, along with his subordinate, Kanone. He ended up being stripped off his rank and imprisoned, while Kanone escaped.

In the Second Chapter, Estelle met with Kanone and still called her "Captain Kanone", which Kanone immediately correct as "ex-captain". Kanone planned to bust Richard out, but Richard himself wanted to atone for his sins and did not want to escape. Kanone ended up imprisoned with Richard.

In the Third Chapter, Richard became a private investigator and made Kanone his secretary. He was brought to the Garden of Recluse with his soldier uniform, which Estelle asked. Richard told her that he didn't know anything since he was in his office, wearing a plain white shirt. Olivier then proposed a possibility that the Lord of Phantasma, the big bad, changed Richard's clothes. It was a quick moment for everyone.

Richard is a lightning bruiser. He inflicts the least damage among other physical characters, but he is also the fastest. He has a craft that allows his turn to come earlier, basically earning him unlimited turns as long as he has Craft Points. I only used Richard if I want a certain part of the game easier.

In the PC version of the Second Chapter, Richard and Kanone exist as playable characters, but can only be accessed using memory editor and their moveset is incomplete.

His S-Craft attacks are Afterglow Crushing Blade (残光破砕剣 Zankouhasaiken) and Cherry Blossom Morning Moon (桜花残月 Oukazangetsu).

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