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Phoenica Zephaniah


Phoenica is a vate from Gi'on. She was the wife of Rhadamanthys, mother of Renn and Rui, and a close friend of Honami. Her real name is Kaho Mikagami (水鏡 歌帆 Mikagami Kaho)

She was a Celestial Maiden (天津之乙女 Amatsu-no-Otome), she was ordered to go to Aistear Creidimh, but her mission failed when she met a fallen named Rhadamanthys Dantalion and ended up marrying him. After 10 years of happy wedding, Kaho died protecting Rhadamanthys during the family feud between Dantalions.

Phoenica was taken from an ancient Semitic civilization name. Kaho was named after a character in Card Captor Sakura. She is 168 cm tall and weighs 63 kg.

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