Ottilia Marduran
Created by Aramitama


The second daughter of the wealthy Lord Marduran. Her sister Hirtia died before Ottilia was born. Unlike her sister, she has a special talent in fighting and science, but not in politics or in economics. Lord Marduran hired the best swordmasters to teach his young daughter, since the small lady was very stubborn. Time passed and she became one of the best fighters in the country. She is selfish and stubborn, but on the other side, she's not evil at all. She had everything she wanted like the legendary Excalibur. None the less she's in the age to marry, but none of the young lords were willing to come for her. She has an unbearable character and now she's too strong to be forced to do anything. After she heard about Soul Calibur, just to fulfill her weapon collection, she began to investigate the higher ranked people. She likes decorative clothes and to be in grand balls where she targets her fencing opponent.

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