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Mō Kaku ~ Meng Huo
Real Name: Mii

As the Queen of the Nanban, she played an essential part of the story involving gathering ingredients to cure Kashin of her curse. She bit her pet elephant Paya Payas tail, which resulted in a fight with her and the pet elephant running away, where it was found by Rin Rin and company. Rin Rin immediately takes to it and keeps as a pet, but Mii returns after realizing that she indeed bit Paya Payas tail when she was sleeping. Rin Rin initially refused to give it back, but eventually returned Paya Paya to her after Mii refused to hurt Paya Paya further when the two struggled for it. When the group realize that Paya Paya is an elephant, they requested Mii to give them the Belly Button Lint of an Elephant, which is needed for the potion. However, Mii refused to give it. To make sure they don't leave without obtaining it, Touka, Shuri, Rin Rin, Tanpopo and En'ya devised ways to trap and capture Mii, which they did successfully on 6 consecutive occasions. Fed up being tricked, she and her minions tried summoning their guardian spirit to get rid of the group, however, it turned Paya Paya from a small cute pink elephant to a gigantic, horrifying mammoth that starts to wreak havoc. Thankfully, the two groups decided to work together and turn Paya Paya back to normal. Eventually, Mii and her minions decided to accompany the group back to Touka village, both to provide support and (for personal reasons) check out the women with rather big breasts, which they often like to play with.

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