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Age: 20
Birth Place: Bologna, Emilia-Romania. (Present day Italy)
Birthday: July 20
Blood Type: B
Alignment: Good

Unnamed adoptive parents

After her parents died of illness when she was six, the rest of her family have placed her in an orphanage somewhere in Northern Italy. However it was not an ordinary orphanage. It was a girl's only orphanage and when they reached the age of sixteen, they were placed in the brothel that was nearby, owned by the same landlord. Fortunately for her, she was adopted at the age of fifteen. The owner of the orphanage was said to be killed some days later, the brothel was burned down and other girls had found safety.

The woman who adopted Livia described herself as "Gladiatrix". However she had decided to retire because of her marriage and age, and she choose Livia as a successor. Livia was confused at the beginning, but she accepted and began the training with roman sword and shield. The training was ruthless, but just as her new "mother" thought Livia has a lot of potential.

After 5 years, Livia enters Lakeside Coliseum to test her skills, with fate as her only guide.

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