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Lasya is a lustful type vate and is one of the minor deities of Lost Illusion symbolizing compassion. She appears physically during the events of fiction Chronicles: Concert of the Morning Moon, as one of the handmaidens of Vierge, along with Fey. Lasya wields twin fans named Kazanfuma no Mai (華散風魔の舞 Dance of Flower-Scattering Wind Demon). Her true name is Managi (愛犠 Managi).

Lasya reached transcendental state when she sacrificed herself to save her two friends. She symbolizes compassion, the will to sacrifice to save others.

Lasya's design are a homage to Nataraja of A-GA. Her name was taken from one of the aspect of Parvathi, Lasya, a compliment of Nataraja, an aspect of Shiva. She is 162 cm tall and weighs 61 kg.

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