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Lan Feihong


One of the main characters of Chuuka Ichiban. Fei helped Liu Maoxing during the Supreme Chef Test and since the test ended in both of them becoming Supreme Chef, Fei considered Mao as his rival.

Fei later appeared again to help Mao to compete against Zhu Qi. At that time, he already became the palace chef in the Forbidden Palace. Due to the competition ending in success, Fei temporarily traveled with Mao to persuade Mao to become a palace chef, as requested by Fei's superior. Fei was acknowledged by the legendary cooking utensil, Jia Lou Luo Dao (Garuda Knife), but he was terrified by its power and casted it down a waterfall.

Fei made his last appearance to duel Mao in the Forbidden Palace, which ended in a draw. After that, he decided to copy all the recipes known by the palace and traveled with Mao, to make the recipes known to all China.

In Indonesian translation, he is called Lan Fei Fong.

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