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Kristian Black
Created by Kristof


My name is Kristian Black. I belong to an elite mercenary group called the Iron Skulls. We operate in and around California. We are tolerated by the NCR since we often do the dirty jobs they won't sully themselves with, and we enjoy killing members of the Legion on sight. One day we were contacted to do a simple delivery job to the infamous Mr. House at the Lucky 38 on the New Vegas strip. Never having been to New Vegas, I volunteered for the job. I studied up on the dangers and factions of the area, packed up supplies and weapons onto my cycle made from Pre-War and custom parts and headed for the Mojave Desert. After a long and almost uneventful trip I arrived in Primm to pick up the package from the Mojave Express office. I signed for what looked like a poker chip made from what appeared to be platinum. I thought nothing more of it and headed onto New Vegas.

It wasn't long before I came across on the side of the road what looked like over sized geckos attacking a young woman, possibly a member of the Great Khans by the look of her outfit. A couple blasts from my plasma gun sent the geckos fleeing. She then approached me, conveying her gratitude for saving her. She quickly became flirtatious, telling me all the ways she can repay me, but she seemed a bit too determined to keep my attention on her. Seeing her glance over my shoulder and the sound of a twig snap caused me to spin around. I just barely manged to dodge a blow from who appeared to be a male Great Khan member with a pipe. I then noticed i was surrounded by a large group of Great Khans, armed with clubs, pipes, and bats. I pulled a pistol from my holster and took out two of them with head shots before another Khan knocked the pistol out of my hand with a wooden bat. I pulled a knife out of my boot and stuck him in the throat. But the rest of them managed to tackle me and pulled me to the ground. They began punching, kicking, and pummeling me with various blunt objects. But then one of them yelled "Stop! We don't get paid if we kill him!". Once they got off of me, I struggled to get to my feet, only to get struck on the back of the head. Everything went dark.

I woke up to what sounded like digging. As I tried to get up I noticed that my hands and feet were tied and I was stripped of my armor. As my vision improved, I saw I was surrounded by the Great Khans. I heard a couple of them talking.

"You got what you were after, so pay up!" This one seemed a bit irate.

"You're crying in the rain, pally. " This one didn't sound like a Khan at all.

I then managed to get to my knees, but I was noticed by one of the Khans.

"Guess who's waking up over here."

It was then I noticed that a couple of the Khans were talking to a guy in a…checkered suit? He takes a long drag off a cigarette then drops on the ground and puts it out with his foot.

"Time to cash out." He then faces in my direction.

"Would you get it over with!" said the irate one.

"Maybe Khans kill people without looking them in the face, but I ain't a fink, dig?" I didn't like where this was going.

The guy in the checkered suit then reaches into his coat pocket. His pulls out something shiny and flashes it at me. It was the platinum poker chip I was supposed to deliver to the Lucky 38.

"You've made your last delivery kid."

Being well aware as to what was about to go down, I started pulled at my bindings tying to loosen them up, looking around for something to use as a weapon, or something to throw, anything. He puts the poker chip back into his coat pocket and begins to feel around for something else.

"Sorry you got twisted up in this scene." He then pulls a pistol from his coat and points it at the ground. "From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck."

He then points the pistol at my head. My whole body tenses up, my hands are almost free.

"Truth is…the game was rigged from the start." He pulls the trigger.

Now, you would think that would be the end of my story, but its actually the beginning…

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