GalleryCameo Characters — Koihime Musou
Created by Buster Wolf


Gen Gan ~ Yan Yan
Real Name: Kikyō

A feudal lord that does many leisure activities such as gamble on horse races and drinking alcohol, also the one who was En'yas master. Kikyō was fed up with En'yas attitude and wrote a promise on a piece of paper that En'ya would never kill again without Kikyōs permission which was then tied to a sword En'ya used. Unfortunately En'ya eventually did draw her sword when Tōka was going to be raped by bandits in front of her due to Tōka looking like her sister. As per agreement Kikyō decommissioned En'ya and allowed her to travel with Tōkas group should she want to and also gave En'ya a short kanabō as her new weapon.

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