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Kharon Melchior


Kharon Melchior is a dragonian politician from Aniva, Knossos. He is the former instructor of Zeus, who also became his best friend.

Unlike most dragonian, Kharon was red elf educated. He is the prime minister of Mithridates and served as strategist alongside Zeus, who was a general during the dragon-devil war. Due to his fearsome dragon form, Psizibanas, and his cunning tactics, he was known as Psizibanas the Death Devourer, who starred in every grim children tale of Avernus. After the war, Kharon advised that Zeus accept the devil's offering of a lady named Danae Gremory in order to honor their willing in the peace treaty. Due to Zeus's status as the successor of the throne and the after-war suspicion on the devils, Kharon suggested that Zeus take her a concubine instead of a wife.

Kharon's evil facade and aura made many people suspicious of him trying to usurp the throne. The truth is that the pay is so good that he was uninterested to take the throne. Despite many shady rumors, Kharon is extremely competent and loyal to his king. Kharon is married to a red elf lady and sends his two children to a red elf military school. He is almost always seen with an ushanka.

Kharon's name was taken from the Greek underworld oarsman. He is 174 cm tall and weighs 61 kg.

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