Created by Jakubus


Age: 36
Birthplace: Manji Clan Village, Suruga, Japan
Alignment: Good

Husband: Yuudai
Children: one unnamed son and unnamed daughter

Kunoichi from the Manji clan, during her training in her youth she met and fell in love with Yuudai. Life in the manji clan was hard, but rather tranquil due to fact that the clan wanted to remain hidden and to not interfere with the Warring states period. She survived the attack of the Oda forces, and escaped among few others, they stayed hidden in abandoned temple nearby.

Those circumstances made her become a motherly figure to the orphaned children from the clan Hinomitsu and Kagemitsu, she watched over them during their training. It was also during that time when she became Yuudai's wife and later give birth to their children. With Yoshimitsu's return she came back to action as kunoichi of the manjitou, however she had to live the lives of a ninja and a mother. She was not taking part of the grand scheme, however she was informed that Yuudai went missing and it was believed that he betray the group. She decided to remain in the hideout in Mt Fuji, believing that Yoshimitsu will find Yuudai.

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