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Age: 25
Birthplace: Manji Clan Village, Suruga, Japan
Birthday: October 31
Blood Type: 0
Alignment: Good

Parents: Deceased
Twin Brother: Hinomitsu
Uncle: Yoshimitsu

Born to the Manji clan. His parents however noticed something wrong about him. As a child he came down with many diseases. Because of this, they feared that Kagemitsu would never become a ninja or worse, die before he could even begin training. An arrangement was made with a certain priestess from Ise. A spirit of shadow called Kageoni agreed to an offer, and was sealed inside Kagemitsu. As a result Kagemitsu was cured and he also gain ability to control shadows. There was however a change inside Kagemitsu. After the Manji clans massacre by the Oda, not only did his appearance start to change, but also he become a cold-blooded and quiet person, almost sociopathic. He covered himself in dark robes and a mask. After his training with Manji Ninjutsu he mastered a certain technique that allows him to seal himself within Hinomitsu's shadow, only to emerge on his command. After Yoshmitsu returned to Japan and established the Manjitou, only the Manji survivors knew about Kagemitsus existence, the rest only noticed something strange and sinister about Hinomitsus shadow.

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