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Jie Lu


One of the main characters of Chuuka Ichiban. Jie Lu was a Dim sum specialist who used an Iron Staff as a cooking utensil. Jie Lu met Liu Maoxing after Si Lang gave him an oily vegetable stew, which angered Jie Lu, resulting in Mao having to make a dish consisting of three different eggs as an apology to Jie Lu.

Jie Lu later encountered Mao, and helped him in a competition against Lei En by making Mao a Hundred Hole Knife. After the competition, he accompanied Mao on his journey to collect all legendary cooking utensils. He competed with two chefs of the Underground Cooking Society: Luo Gen and Mi La. He also became the juror of when Mao competed against Ya Kan. He later became attached to Mi La.

In Indonesian translation, he is called Xi Er.

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