Created by Jakubus


Age: 23
Birthplace: Danzig, Polish-lithuanian Commonwealth (Present day Poland)
Birthday: October 31
Blood Type: B
Alignment: Good

Parents: Deceased
Uncle: Giovanni
Adopted Cousin: Ludmila

A son of merchant couple from Northern Poland, He was taken on a journey with them to the East on a Portugal ship. Unfortunately the vessel was destroyed in a maelstorm, while sailing near Suruga in Japan. He was the only survivor, he was found unconscious by a Manji clan ninja. Their Cheif provided a shelter for Jacobus, where he was given an opportunity to be trained in some Japanese sword fighting techniques. During that time he befriended two boys from that clan: Hinomitsu and his twin brother Kagemitsu. After a year he was found and taken back to Poland by his uncle and his servants. Back in Poland he agreed to Giovanni's offer and began his training to become an assassin, under the eye of former Bird of Passage member Ludmila. Combining all his skills learned in Japan and back home, now he is one of the deadliest assassins in Eastern Europe. All those skills will soon be tested, during the battles around the two blades.

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