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Isis (Pantheon Wars)
Created by Kristof


The goddess Isis was one of a handful of deities who had faked their deaths during the Pantheon Wars. They felt they would be needed after the devastation. Though the recent rampage of Osiris has caught Isis' attention and she decided to stop him. She arrives to see her unoccupied tomb smashed and Osiris standing over their injured son Horus. She flew between them, pleading for him to stop. His rage soon subsided and he dropped to his knees and reached out to her, tears in his eyes. She embraced him and promised all will be well. She spoke an ancient incantation and kissed him. He fell back with a ground shaking thud, having been placed back into his slumber. She then healed Horus of his injuries, and told him she would taking his father back with her to prevent a re-occurrence.

Dark Saga

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