Imam Bonjol


Excerpt from Wikipedia:
Tuanku Imam Bonjol
Born Bonjol, 1772; Died Minahasa, November 6, 1864

Imam Bonjol, also known as Muhammad Syahab, Peto Syarif, and Malim Basa, was one of the most popular leaders of the Padri movement in West Sumatra.

After founding the state of Bonjol, He became involved in the Paderi controversy as a Paderi leader. At first, the Dutch were not able to win militarily against the Paderis because their resources were stretched thin by the [/char:Diponegoro] resistance in Java. In 1824, the Dutch signed the Masang Agreement, ending hostilities with the state of Bonjol.

Subsequently, however, once the Diponegoro resistance was suppressed, the Dutch attacked the state of Pandai Sikat in a renewed effort to gain control of West Sumatra. Despite valiant fighting by the Indonesians, the overwhelming power of the Dutch military eventually prevailed. Imam Bonjol was captured in 1832 but escaped after three months to continue the struggle from his tiny fortress in Bonjol.

After three years of siege, the Dutch finally managed to sack Bonjol on August 16, 1837. Through a negotiation ruse, the Dutch again captured Imam Bonjol and exiled him, first to Cianjur in West Java, then to Ambon, and later to Manado in Sulawesi. He died on November 6, 1864, at the age of 92 and is buried in Sulawesi. The site of his grave is marked by a Minangkabau house.

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