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Hui Lang


Hui Lang (毀狼 Hui Lang / Ki Rou) is a vulpine therian from Heixiejing, Quanshui. He is the husband of Liling.

Hui Lang has known Xiaolin and Qinglong since their childhood and often act as their bigger brother. He often has to separate Qinglong and Xiaolin's fighting over many things. Lang and Qinglong became best friends as they grew together and studied martial arts together. at the age of 17. Several years later, when Qinglong was already married to Xiaolin, Xiaolin fell sick and was speculated to be a curse Sovereign Rime. Hui Lang volunteered himself to help Qinglong search for Sovereign Rime. He knows what it takes to face a god, but no matter how hard his effort is, he can never be sure of the outcome.

He is a hard worker and a thinker , but tends to forget small details at times. His sight has been weakened, but it doesn't compromise his swordplay. He wields a curved sword named Huo Fengbao (火风暴 Fire Storm).

Hui Lang is a borrowed concept from Buster Wolf's avatar character. His name roughly means "Destroyer Wolf". Hui Lang is 169 cm tall and weighs 70 kg.

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