Created by Jakubus


Age: 22
Birthplace: Somewhere in Kai province, Japan
Birthday: June 21
Blood Type: B
Alignment: Good

Parents: Father deceased, unnamed mother
Lover: Hinomitsu

Born from a secret romance between a Manji shinobi and kunoichi in service of the Takeda clan. Her life was kept secret, that was until the fall of the Takeda clan. At that time Homura alongside her mother went to Suruga to meet up with the remnants of the Manji. Her father died in the incident, yet both of them were allowed to stay. At that time Homura began her kunoichi training, with a pair of Kodachi she received from her mother. She also met the only two children living there, Hinomitsu and Kagemitsu. They spend most of the time together. During that time she fell in love with Hinomitsu, and got to actually befriend the dark Kagemitsu. Now an elite kunoichi, and part of Manjitou, she supports Hinomitsu with all her skills.

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