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Age: 25
Birthplace: Manji Clan Village, Suruga, Japan
Birthday: October 31
Blood Type: 0
Alignment: Good

Parents: Deceased
Twin Brother: Kagemitsu
Uncle: Yoshimitsu
Lover: Homura

Born to the Manji clan. From young age Hinomitsu and his brother trained to be ninjas. However everything changed when the Oda Clan attacked and massacred almost the entire clan. Hinomitsu was among few survivors, they where gathered by Yoshimitsu, then they took shelter in an abandoned temple nearby. He continued his training, while Yoshimitsu went on a journey West to find a sword known as Soul Edge. During that time Hinomitsu met a young kunoichi named Homura, and rumors say they fell in love with each other.

Several years later Yoshimitsu returned and gathered survivors and other ruffians from across the land, creating Manjitou and established a base at Mt-Fuji. At that time Hinomitsu completed his training and become an elite ninja. He and a few other ninjas will soon play a crucial role in Manjitou nearest future.

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