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Three Austrian soldiers are done with war now. Each took a week off from fighting and headed to France for the week. They took their weapons along with them just in case of any trouble they will encounter during the trip. It was relaxing, though, so they left the weapons at their inn room.

On the fourth day, they decided to head to the bar of the inn. They all wanted to celebrate a wonderful time before they left. They went down to the bar area, and sat down at a table. One of the barmaids came over to the table.

"Hello, boys, need anything?"

"Yes, please, just three beers."

"That's all? Then give me your pay right away."

The woman went over to the bar.

"Hey, Bruce, those three boys over there want some of your beers!"

"Sorry, Harley, but you need to get them from the back. I'm serving more customers."

Harley was not happy, but more customers meant more business, and more money paid. She went to the back of the bar. It was a quiet, scary place. She felt alone, and that someone was watching her. She felt like that someone was behind this cupboard. Harley looked around, and slowly……slowly….opened it and……

"Hey! I found the beer!"

She turned around to find a flaming piece of wood fall on her. As Harley screamed, parts of her clothing burned off. Her plain gray outfit was ruined, and she would have to get a new one before getting fired. But she wasn't the only thing fired…..

"Bruce, I got burned, can you give this beer to…..where is everybody…Oh!"

The whole tavern was on fire. She screamed again, and headed for the exit. As she did, the ceiling collapsed in front and blocked her only means of escape. As she backed away, she turned around and saw a group of lizard-like creatures ravage through her bar. She ran upstairs into the inn. She saw all the doors burnt except for one. As Harley entered the room, she recognized the two people who died here. They were 2 of the men she was serving the beer to. She put her hand over her mouth to keep quiet. She found a man had a giant sword in his hand.

Harley picked it up and held it in her hands. She had something to defend herself. And she needed it to. The two men rose up, as if possessed, and came after her. As if that wasn't bad enough, a lizard-like creature came into the room too.

Harley took the sword and sliced at the lizard, killing it. She didn't want to attack the men, so she ran out of the room. Bad choice. More of the possessed dead came after her, including Bruce. She couldn't attack them. She tried to run past them, but as she did, the people attacked her. She was hit with fists, nails, feet, grabs, but she made it to the end of the hallway, where a window was. She jumped through the window onto the street. She escaped the inn.

As she got up, however, the inn was the least of her worries. The whole town was engulfed in flames.

Standing in the middle of the street, with a huge sword in her hand, looking at the moon, Harvey will have to survive this nightmare.

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