Han Feng
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Full Name: Han Feng (韓奉, Kan Hō)
Epithet: 白龍建宁 (Báilóng Jianning, "White Dragon of Jianning")
Birthday: 21/08, 168 AD
Age Design: Early 20's
Period Active: 184-219 AD
Hometown: Qibu, Tongxu County
Occupation: Warlord
Favourite Weapon: Weighted Halberd (Theoretical)
Relationships: He is the son of Han Xuanxhi and Wu Cai, the older brother to Han Zhang and Han Fang, the husband of Liu Qiao, and the father of Han Ren Jun, Han Shang, and Han Liang.

Han Feng is a strong warrior who cares little for the plight of the land, instead using it as a way to seek out the greatest battles he can find for his own enjoyment. He assists his father at Chenliu during the later stages of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. With the rise of the Allied Forces to oppose Dong Zhuo, Han Feng joins up with Yuan Shao, having impressed the warlord with his skill, representing his new lord at the battle of Hulao Gate. He turns the battle into a competition with his younger brother Han Zhang, who had entered the conflict under Cao Cao. They postpone the contest when they find that their sister, Han Fang, is with Dong Zhuo's forces, the two agreeing that they should reclaim their sibling from the warlord. The three eventually clash in the burning streets of Luoyang, though they fail to defeat and retrieve their sibling in the chaos.

Han Feng would continue to serve in Yuan Shao's employ following the dissolution of the Allied Forces and Dong Zhuo's death. In that capacity, he assisted in stamping out a bandit force at Yijing where he would meet Jian Xu and Dan Tai Sin. They would fight again together at the battle of Guandu in the conflict between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. Though he would prefer to keep fighting, Feng is forced by his allies to retreat upon the collapse of Yuan Shao's forces, breaking through the fortress at Yuanwu where Jian Xu's tactical prowess comes to light in hampering pursuit from Cao Cao's men. After escaping the conflict between the Yuan's and Cao Cao, Feng and his comrades take refuge in Liang Province under Ma Teng. Realizing that they have amassed a sizable force behind them, Jian Xu urged that Han Feng should attempt to unify the land above the tyrannical seeming Cao Cao, or the indecisive Liu Zhang in Yi Province and Sun Quan in Eastern Wu.

At the same time the North Eastern lords are thrown into chaos with the assassination of Ma Teng by one of Cao Cao's vassals, causing a revenge-fueled uprising by his son Ma Chao. Han Feng joined the conflict, assisting the coalition forces in fighting Cao Cao at Tong Gate. Deciding to take up Jian Xu's plan, Han Feng and his forces leave Xiliang while Cao Cao is preoccupied with Ma Chao's remaining forces and head towards Yi Province where Liu Zhang had come under attack from Zhang Lu and sent to Liu Bei for aid. Allying with Lu, Han Feng and his forces begin an invasion of Liu Zhang's territory before receiving word that Liu Bei had betrayed his ally in order to do the same.

Their forces would collide at Chengdu with Liu Bei's forces ekeing out a lead and eventually succeeding in their own conquest of the province. Instead of continuing the battle any longer Jian Xu advises a cease in hostilities in order to let diplomacy decide things. In the end, Han Feng's forces become allies with the new lord of Yi Province. With a foothold in Southern Yi, Han Feng's forces move East to the region of Jiaozhi which becomes their new home following the pacification of Xi'shou'an and her forces residing in the area. In 219 AD he would be granted the title King of Jiaozhi. He would enter Jing Province in the same year in order to aid Guan Yu who had been attacked by a joint force of Wu and Wei. During the conflict he was betrayed by Gan Ti and a cadre of officers sympathetic to his cause, leading to a chaotic battle that saw the end of Han Feng and Dan Tai Sin.

If Han Feng was a member of the physical cast for the series he would be associated with the Weighted Halberd, which would give him access to his EX Attacks while his Musou attacks would automatically make use of it.

EX Attack (C2): Strikes a pose, generating a large shockwave. Han Feng is covered in an aura of white flames that increase his attack speed and damage for a short time.
EX Attack 2 (C5): Several wide arcing slashes made at enemies knocked into the air, a roar emits from around Han Feng before he delivers a downward smash with his halberd causing the first enemy he hits to be launched backward, causing a powerful shockwave wherever they land.
Switch Attack: Three light swings followed by a 180° shockwave generated by a roar.
Storm Rush: Several horizontal left-right slashes followed by an upward slash that sends enemies flying.
Variable Counter: Stops enemy with a pommel strike before sticking a foot into their stomach and another on their head, user jumps into the air to smash the opponent into the ground with the weapon.
Musou - Reverse Gale (逆風): Spins backward before delivering a powerful swing of his halberd that emits a powerful hurricane around him.
Alternate Musou - Ascendant Dragon Javelin (優勢龍槍): Performs two upward strikes to the left and right side, both emitting large white arcs of energy, then he reels back before launching his halberd at the enemy cloaked in an aura shaped like a serpentine dragon.
Aerial Musou - Dragon Fang (龍牙): Pounds the ground with a lightning covered halberd, causing five arcs of lightning to shoot out in front of him, ripping across the ground and causing damage.
Awakening Musou: Walks forward slowly while delivering a series continuous criss-crossing slashes followed by a powerful wide-arc swing that generates a blue beam of energy. If extended he instead delivers two arced swings before using an enemy in front of him as a platform to jump into the air and slam his weapon back to the ground generating a powerful shockwave.

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