Hai Xiang
Created by Tricia-chan


Full Name: 駭相 (simplified: 骇相) Hai Xiàng
Romaji: Hai Sou
Meaning: Literally "startle phase".
Style Name: 黨派 (党派) Dangpai
Nickname: Lord Hai, Mianfei Xiàng (免費相; 免费相; "Free Xiàng")
Actual Age: 23
Age Appearance: 20-26
Residence: Ancient China
Hometown: Yang Province
Birthday: 08/24, in 185 AD
Gender: Male
Occupation: Officer under Liu Bei
Weapon: Nine-section whip
Way of Speaking: b.a
Marital Status: Married Yi Xiaoren in 205, remained married until his early passing in 222.

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