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Fey is a lustful type vate and is one of the minor deities of Lost Illusion She appears physically during the events of fiction Chronicles: Concert of the Morning Moon, as one of the handmaiden of Vierge, along with Lasya. Fey wields a harp named Meijotei Kyoumei (冥女帝共鳴 Dark Empress Resonance). Her true name is Tomo'o (智織 Tomo'o).

Fey reached transcendental state when she succeeded to arrange a summit for peace pact between a Lost Illusion follower and a Hellenia follower. Unfortunately, she was betrayed by one of her followers, violated, and killed on the summit. She symbolizes knowledge, the perseverance of wisdom.

Fey's name and design were taken and inspired from A-GA. She is 164 cm tall and weighs 63 kg.

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