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Helper examples: Lil Sweetie (Amazon), Sleipial (Assassin), Olivia (Egyptian)

Fairies are often nicknamed tiny perverts due to somewhat naughty behavior they exhibit specially around women. Their rank is determined by the number of wings they have while in flight, the less they have the higher their rank.

  • High ranks are either Queens or Princesses with only 2 wings and have a strong enough bond that they don't need to be directly near their master during form change (except Heal form).
  • Mid ranks are Warriors with 4 wings they are taught form changing to aid their master.
  • Low ranks are Workers with 6 wings they try their best to make it towards Warrior status, they have no added special ability.

A common ability they all share is swimming in coffee will cool it down to a tolerable level while making it sweeter to drink and the ability to change their size if only for a brief moment (at most 15 minutes due to the strain). They are generally no bigger than a humanoids head in their normal size. Fairies of differing types have been known to mingle with each other to share stories.

Fairies are easily identified by their clothing style & wing type:

  • Amazon: Transparent wing
  • Assassin: Butterfly wing
  • Qipao: Dragonfly wing
  • Maid: Feathery wing
  • Egyptian: Bat wing
  • Armor: Translucent wing

How Fairies find a master vary depending on the individual Fairy herself, which can either be from helpful individuals who travel the land or a bond that was shared in some form with the recipient.

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