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Evangeline Mhic Artair
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Evangeline St. Clare is an aelven archer. She is the wife of Artair.

Together with Artair, she pursues the "Influential Goddess", which causes destruction on several countries, including her hometown. The clues they obtain so far lead them to Gi'on. In the completely foreign country, they are exhausted, especially since they do not speak the language. When they take a break in a pub, they met Seimei, who not only able to speak their language, but also offers his help. In battle, Evangeline wields a bow and arrow, and excels in healing spells.

Evangeline has paris green eye and a peach crayola medium-length wavy hair. She is supportive of Artair, but scolds him when he went even slightly out of line. Evangeline does the label drawing for Artair's liquor journal since Artair is utterly terrible at art.

Evangeline's journey represents her indefatigable spirit and optimism. Despite all odds she knows that what seems to be an impossible situation will get better, and therefore she has the energy to carry on.

Evangeline's name was taken from a classic literature. She is 29 years old during the event of The Story Begins, 166 cm tall and weighs 51 kg.

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