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Eurystheus Tiryns


Eurystheus Tiryns is a dragonkin Beastmaster from Seis Cogar, Thorthuil. He is the son of Nicippe and Sthenelus.

Believing he had disappointed his parents, Eurystheus embarked on a journey to prove that his choice of being a Beastmaster was not in vain. He heard rumors about the Aistear Creidimh, a realit-warping region in which intrigued him to study the beasts there. During his search, he met Renn and initially refuses his offer to go together. After a while, he realized that he has no leads and joined Renn's party during their second encounter.

He has orange eyes and slicked back white hair. He is pretty insecure about his relationship with women in addition to being completely oblivious to the fact that he is actually desirable. He does not have much sense when it comes to naming his tamed beings: his Cerberus was named Pooch, along with Jack Frost named Jack, and a Jill Frost named Jill. In battle, he wields twin axes and also deploys beasts that he personally trained.

He excels in grilling meat since that is all he learned during his training days. He can make the sauce from any herbs and fruits he can find. When idling in a town, he can be found either in pubs along with his tamed beasts, or in hunter's guild, doing errands.

His journey represents his experienced self. He compete for, defend, provide for, and maintain that which he knows is his. He accepts responsibility for his power, and his strength can create and build.

Eurystheus' name was taken from the King of Tiryns in ancient Greek. He is 24 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 181 cm tall and weighs 82 kg.

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