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Daniel "Donder" Raumschiff is a human Rune Defender from Seaxneat, Woden. He is a righteous, proud, and just, but a bit hot headed. He is proud about the Krieger Reiter, the knighthood he founded to safeguard the human city Seaxneat. He is protective of his comrades and willing to help them whenever possible.

One day, he took an amnesia trojan under his unit and gave him the codename "Rudolph". In battle, Donder wields the sword he found with Rudolph, Horsechopper. When the Krieger Reiter was Routed and Donder was dying, he returned the sword to Rudolph.

Donder's name was taken from the names of Santa Claus's reindeer. Daniel was his name from fiction's old concept, Avenger Rampant, and Raumschiff was the last word of the old name of Krieger Reiter. He is 181 cm tall and weighs 74 kg.

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