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Cao Fei
Created by Buster Wolf


Full Name: Cao Fei
Title: Brilliant Mind
Birthday/Age: December 24 / 29
Height/Weight: 5' 4" / Won't tell
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: B
Likes: Karaoke
Dislikes: Smart mouths
Type: Power
Dodge: Cartwheel
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Long Sword
Weapon Name: Dy-nast Blade
Self Ability: Element Will - Increase Elemental attack power and property (can be toggled off).
Skill: Shadow Pulse - Plants her sword into the ground and releases a wide range 360 ground wave. Breaks guard, absorbs life from peons, no element to generals and above.

Character Relations

Lord - Shiki Setsuna
Ally - Ziek Zanda
Ally - Kojirō Minakata
Ally - Huang Qing-Long
Enemy - Arwen Rize
Rival - Mil Mayron


A cunning narcissistic woman. Usually taunts & teases enemies she meets face to face, excellent strategist rivaled by only 1 person Arwen. While taunting/teasing she tends to be a little "playful" while doing so.

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