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Caillte (her real name is unknown) grew up in Northern Ireland, living all by herself. Due to her odd, obscure behavior, she was treated as an outcast, and the children would bully her. She had one "friend" named Patricia, but Caillte refused to interact with her.

In truth, she had a bizarre case of haemolacria. She had realized - the hard way - that anyone that made contact with the blood that seeped from her eyes would become deathly ill. In a worst case scenario, that person would pass away.

Eventually, after Patricia's constant pestering, Caillte explained her condition to the curious child. Despite promising to keep it a secret, Patricia's good-nature led her to visiting the village's doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor had never seen such a condition before, but it only made him want to put Caillte through some experiments, despite how it would effect her well-being.

Scared, as well as feeling betrayed, Caillte ran away from the village. Over the years, her condition was obviously becoming worse, it was impossible to walk by people without any fingers being pointed. To hide herself, she lived in secluded areas all over the United Kingdom.

However, she soon learned that she couldn't hide forever. Based on an ambiguous rumor that entitled her as a "witch", a group of men arrived at the abandoned house that she resided in. Due to panic and stress, Caillte's eyes leaked profusely, eventually landing a drop of blood on one of the men's hands. The simple drop sprawled through his body, and as he made contact with the other men, they contracted the illness as well. Mortified, Caillte once again ran away.

She knew that hiding was never going to solve the problem. She had to find the cure for her illness. Caillte traveled to Europe and crossed Asia, searching for all sorts of leads that seemed relevant. When she couldn't find any facts, she found hope. She heard a rumor about two spirit swords that grant wishes to whoever successfully wielded them. Taking this as her only lead, Caillte pursued the tales of the swords, for her clock was ticking down.

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