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Age: Unknown (probably 20)
Birthplace: Rumored to be Stettin, Duchy of Pomerania (Present day Poland)
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral


During medieval times, there were several assassin's guilds established in many European cities. Some of them managed to survive up to XVI century. Aria was a member of one. It was rather a small group with it's headquarters in the city of Breslau. Her past is a complete mystery, it's unknown how she joined them or if she still have family somewhere. The only thing known is that she is silent and coldblooded like assassin should be.

One day the guild received an assignment to assassinate a certain nobleman in Prussia. Since Aria was one of the best in the group, she was the one tasked to perform the assassination. However when she arrived at the nobleman's house, he was already dead. Upon examining the body she concluded that It probably happened seconds before her arrival and it must have been a work of another assassin. After her return to the headquarters, she reported to guild's client.

She received only half of payment and a new target. "You will receive the rest when you found and kill the assassin who preceded you", her client said to her. With price money and probably some sort of revenge as her objective, Aria set on a journey to find the other assassin Jacobus.

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