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Akane is from a tribe of a rare offshoot of oni known as Shiro-Oni (white oni). Unlike their brethren, they are very peaceful and spiritual beings. Her tribe lives amongst some ancient temples deep within the Forest of Shadows. They live in harmony with nature, and rarely seek outside contact. But when the warlord Alondar retreated with the remnants of his army into the Forest of Shadows after the clash with the Emperor and the Black Guard he ran across their little sanctuary. He captured the entire tribe and forced them to tend to his wounded soldiers and repair their weapons and armor. Being strong willed and not wishing to be a slave Akane managed to escape. She heard of the Emperor and sought him out. She has arrived at the Black Citadel and means to convince Kristof to help her tribe and to possible deal with Alondar once and for all.

Dark Saga

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