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Kan U (Unchō) ~ Guan Yu
Real Name: Aisha

The main heroine of the Koihime Musou anime. Her past reveals that her family was killed by bandits, which made it her quest to ensure innocent people will never suffer like she did. She cares a lot for her friends, and she is a sister to Rinrin after they swore a vow of sisterhood because she felt sorry for Rinrins loneliness. A common recurring joke that is expanded in later seasons is other female characters calling her a mother when around any of her child looking friends (Rinrin & Shuri).

During the second season after having Tōka join them, she becomes a role model for Tōka who later decides to makes a vow of sisterhood with her as Aishas older sister (as Aisha already made vow with Rinrin to be her older sister). Aisha at first felt it was inappropriate as she is older than she is, but by the beginning of third season, she accepted calling Tōka her Aneue (older sister).

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