Ahmad Yani


Excerpt from Wikipedia:
Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani
Born: Purworejo, 19 June 1922. Died: Jakarta, 1 October 1965.

Ahmad Yani was the commander of the Indonesian Army, and was killed by members of the 30 September Movement during an attempt to kidnap him from his house.

As President Sukarno moved closer to the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in the early 60s, Yani, who was strongly anti-communist, became very wary of the PKI, especially after the party declared its support for the establishment of a fifth force (in addition to the four armed services and the police) and Sukarno tried to impose his Nasakom (Nationalism-Religion-Communism) doctrine on the military. Both Yani and Nasution procrastinated when ordered by Sukarno on 31 May 1965 to prepare plans to arm the people.

When the kidnappers came to Yani's home and told him that he was to be brought before the president, he asked for time to bathe and change his clothes. When this was refused he became angry, slapped one of the kidnapper soldiers, and tried to shut the front door of his house. One of the kidnappers then opened fire, killing the general. His body was taken to Lubang Buaya on the outskirts of Jakarta and, together with those of the other murdered generals, was hidden in a disused well.

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