Name: Yukino
Age: 22
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Birth Date: March 17
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Laterality: Left
Orientation: Hetero
Weapon: Dao (Only known remnant of her father)
Weapon Name: Remnant


All form of family & friends slain by Yuzuki during possession
Boyfriend/Sir Alphonse Scott Bravada

After a forced battle with Yuzuki sealed from possessing her, she could not win against Jehova. The evil spirit Yuzuki was freed from the confines of Yukino's body and now roams the land doing as she pleases. As Yukino regains consciousness she sees Jehova still in front of her

Jehova: The evil spirit from within you is free…you know where she will go…
Yukino: She'

Yukino took a moment to think "…Home!" she said in shock, stood up and bowed to Jehova and was ready to begin her trip back home when someone shouted "Stop where you stand!" Yukino stopped in place as if scarred "That voice…" she thought to herself as she slowly turned around to see a familiar face "No… not now". Jehova stood in the womans way "Go…I shall handle this." Yukino nodded and began running. Knowing Yuzuki had always wanted revenge on many people was all the clues she needed to know where she'd be "I have to hurry or else everyone will be dead…"