Name: Su Xiao-Lin
Age: 19
Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Birth Date: April 13
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Magenta
Laterality: Left
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Sanjiegun (Three-sectional Staff)
Weapon Name: Yin Yang
Critical Finish: Burning Phoenix Dance (Kiliks CF)


First family/Killed by Lizardmen
Second family/Ling-Sheng Su Temple members dead when she arrived
"Mom"/Captain Katerina Rochefort (to Xiao-Lin she is like a mother)
Friend/Seong Mi-na
Boyfriend/Huang Qing-Long

“In a distant island there lies a temple I’m sure it holds something about your past Xiao…” those words ran through her mind as Captain Kats ship sailed to an uncharted island which as she said was close to where Xiaos old home used to be. As the ship made it’s stop Kat gave them a word of warning.

Kat: It’s been a while since I’ve come to this place…remember to keep your eyes peeled incase of any danger, I’ll be waiting for you guys here okay.
Xiao-Lin & Qing-Long: Yes ma’am.

And with that Xiao-Lin & Qing-Long set to explore the island. During the trip she had the odd feeling that they were being followed, but ignored it for the time being.

After a couple of minutes they saw the entrance to a temple and stopped at the door.

Xiao: Qing…have you felt…like we were being followed?
Qing: Nah…*nose scratch*haven’t had that feeling.
Xiao: Hmm…

They both looked at the door Qing-Long scratched his head trying to figure out what it said and took a glance to see Xiao-Lin happened to be reading it, just then a branch loudly snapped behind them which cause them both to jerk their head in the direction it came from.

Qing: I’ll take a look to see what that was, you keep reading that since I have no clue what it says.

And with that he ran in the direction of the sound. Xiao-Lin continued to read till she got to a part which shocked her, she took a step back and an object passed right by her nicking her right ribs when Xiao saw the object she saw that it was a familiar Spear with a Blue blade “Milda?” she thought and turned around to see heavily armored figure fly her way and dodged the oncoming attack.

Xiao: You…who are you?
???: I am…your mother.

Xiao-Lin was shocked to hear such words, her mother…her real mother…standing in front of her? Just then she had a slight flashback of when she was young…“THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE MY MOTHER!” she yelled and the mysterious attacker then took a step back.

Xiao: Now tell…me what did you do to Milda!
???: I guess you are referring to the original wielder of that Spear…she refused to tell me some information I wanted…so I killed her.

Without hesitation Xiao-Lin made a mad dash at her unknown foe. They seemed evenly matched in skill though Xiaos anger clouded her, the mysterious foe tripped Xiao and knocked her into a nearby tree and prepared a final lunge with her Spear at Xiaos heart. Xiao-Lin was able to catch her opponents Spear before it made contact with her skin and held it tightly struggling to keep it away “Well then…” said the foe coldly “Now you DIE!” and gripped her sword ready to stab Xiao-Lin. Xiao-Lin was able to snap the Spearhead off of her foes weapon and held her Staff above her head as means to block the sword…but nothing happened…

Qing: Hey Xiao baby!
Xiao: Huh?
Qing: Come on let’s go before she wakes up.
Xiao-Lin: R-right…

Xiao never managed to a glimpse of the attackers face before leaving and returning to Captain Kats ship.

Later that night.

Kat: So you need to kill a person who has your hair and eye colors reversed?
Xiao: Yes…or at least that’s what I read…speaking of which Qing.
Qing: Hm?
Xiao: Before you knocked that Woman out did something from her seem…unusual?
Qing: No why do yo-

He stopped talking and got closer to Xiaos face.

Xiao: Um…Qing?
Qing: Hold for a little while………your eyes…are the same color as her hair!
Xiao: Wha?

At that same moment Xiao-Lins bracelet began to shine Second time it’s done that…those swords… she silently thought to herself while looking at it.

Qing: So…need an…”activity” to keep your mind at ease?
Xiao: Was that on your mind the whole time:p? Well…try ignoring this mark on my ribs if you can…

Captain Kat left the two alone so they could continue. With two choices does Xiao-Lin go for finding about the swords or her past?