Name: Su Jiang-Ying
Age: 51
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Birth Date: February 14
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Green (right eye), Blue (left eye)
Laterality: Right
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Sanjiegun (Three-sectional Staff)
Weapon Name: Yin Yang


Daughters/Su Xiao-Lin & Su Liao-Xin
Granddaughter/Huang Zhu-Que

Xiao-Lin: "So I have to sacrifice my overall lifespan to get my dead mother back…I have missed many of my childhood years without my mother, but I'll gladly do this if it'll bring her back."

These words echoed in Jiangs head a light smile shown on her face. Bathed in light she felt her soul return to the Earth. As she opened her eyes in front of her stood the daughter she was proud to have and opened her arms with a big smile.

Jiang-Ying: "Give mama a nice tight hug…to make sure I am really alive."