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Su Xiao-Lin

  • Dynasty Warriors 3 is the game that gave birth to her character, back then she was a ditsy bodyguard for Sun Shangxiang. As time went on she later became more serious towards protecting Sun Shang.
  • Unlike her later incarnations she has tan skin, brown hair and light blue eyes whereas other incarnations she has normal skin, green hair and magenta eyes.
  • From DW3-5 her weapon is a Forked Spear (Xingcais weapon minus the Shield), in DW6 her weapons were variety of Spears, from DW7 onward her main weapon is a Sword & Spear.
  • Her concept from DW3-5 is different than her concept from 6 onward. From 3-5 her portrayed age is 21 with her height being below Sun Shangxiang an average body frame with a cheery personality. From 6 onward her portrayed age is 37 with her height being equal with Xiahou Dun a more muscular frame with an aggressive attitude.