Despite the large number of characters only Xiao-Lin and Cao Fei actually have stories tied to the actual history. DWO Community characters were made in the demo and updated (if necessary) in the main game for their respective user.

Su Xiao-Lin

Date of Action: 183-236
Origin: Nan Zhong
Favorite Weapon: Sword & Spear
Back story: Captured at a young age while hunting for her tribe, she was struck in the head and suffered amnesia. When she awoke she was in an unfamiliar land and though shackled she broke the arms of the soldiers that were holding her. Sun Shangxiang was passing by when this happened and tried calming her down, which worked. From that day she set to protect her new family in Wu, specially staying close to Sun Shang. She died of illness before the Battle of Hefei New Castle.

Dynasty Warriors 7

Unique attacks
EX Attack (C4): Throws the Sword in an arc forward stunning enemies (other characters knock back) returning like a boomerang, press charge again to twirl the Spear around her body releasing wind blasts all around.
Musou 1 (Gale Slash): Rushes forward with Spear held in front then turns around and does a gigantic swing behind with the Sword.
Musou 2 (Twister): Dive downward with her Spear creating a large tornado when she lands. (Aerial Musou)

Dynasty Warriors 8

Dash: 2
Dive: 1
Shadow Sprint: 4
Whirlwind: 2

Unique Attacks
EX Attack (C4): Same as DW7
EX Attack 2 (C1): She brandishes the Sword and Spear together raising her defense and attack speed.
Musou 1 (Gale Slash): Same as DW7.
Air Musou (Twister): Same as DW7.
Musou 2 (Fierce Slam): Xiao-Lin stabs forward with the Spear, then when she connects, lifts the target then fiercely slams them down. If she doesn't catch a target she will stumble forward then swing her sword to the right.
Storm Rush: Downward Sword swing to the left then right, finishes with an upward Spear thrust.
Switch Counter: Hop back to dodge the strike then thrust the Spear forward.

Rage Musou
(Start) Swings Sword left and right while walking forward.
(Extend) Counterclockwise spins with the Sword held out. Storm Rush follows before finish.
(Finish) Stab the ground in front with the Spear creating a massive AoE.

Cao Fei

Date of Action: ?-?
Origin: Unknown
Favorite Weapon: Shadow Sword
Back story: Daughter of Cao Cao, beautiful, intelligent and gifted in military matters. She would always work in secret to ensure victory for the Wei forces in their path of conquest.

Dynasty Warriors 7

Unique Attacks
EX Attack (C3): Thrusts Sword handle forward, does nothing if no contact is made. If contact is made with an enemy the claws on the handle will grab the enemy in place then the blade will rush through their body also hitting everyone in the surrounding area.
Musou 1 (Implosion): Rushes forward through a group of enemies, after she passes she brushes her hair causing a dark explosion effects on the enemies she passed through. (Unblockable)
Musou 2 (Dark Rain): Summons dark powered swords to rain directly down and diagonally forward. (Aerial Musou)

Dynasty Warriors 8

Dash: 4
Dive: 1
Shadow Sprint: 3
Whirlwind: 2

Unique Attacks
EX Attack (C3): Same as DW7.
EX Attack 2 (C4): She surrounds herself with dark energy raising her attack power.
Musou 1 (Implosion): Same as DW7.
Air Musou (Dark Rain): Same as DW7.
Musou 2 (Shadow Force): Raises her right hand in front to unleash a dark energy ball, enemies caught will then be impaled by shadow swords.
Storm Rush: Shadow swords thrust forward, finishes with an upward swipe.
Switch Counter: Hop back and have a shadow pillar emerge underneath the attacker.

Rage Musou
(Start) Walk forward slowly while shadow swords alternate swinging to the left and right.
(Extend) Shadow swords raise up from the ground then go back in. Storm Rush follows before finish.
(Finish) A giant shadow hand slaps all enemies caught in the musou.