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Hey guys, I'm just a nerd who loves character creation video games and making OCs. I've been making Soul Calibur ones since like 2008-2009, so it's about time I put them up here!

I have a wiki page of my Soul Calibur fanon. Here ya go.








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I have a fanon storyline called "Soulcalibur:Kinouishi". I haven't actually written any stories for it, but all of the info is here. It starts as a Soulcalibur story, but also goes into Tekken, God Eater, and probably some other games too.

Note: Sawasaki, Japan is a fictional place that I made up. It borders the Seto Inland Sea on the northern side.

Soulcalibur III

The year is 1590. Lord Nobuhiro Takazaki of Sawasaki has died of disease, leaving his son, Hirosuke, to lead the House of Takazaki. Hideyoshi Toyotomi has united most of Japan under his banner. Wanting to fulfill his father's dreams of conquest, Hirosuke sent his childhood friend and most trusted samurai, Seiji Kazemaru, to the west to find information on Soul Edge. Seiji, having traveled East Asian mainland before, was the only one with experience outside of Japanese borders, and experience with the supernatural, having slain a powerful oni upon his return home. His knowledge of foreign martial arts such as Chinese sword styles would surely give him an advantage.

Seiji enlisted the help of Tong Lingmei, the daughter of his Chinese sword master, and one of his closest friends. Wanting to prove herself to her father, she agreed to join Seiji on his quest. The two set out east to find the sword.

Soulcalibur IV

Seiji and Lingmei reached the lands where east meets west, and encountered a wandering monk named Ji Gang. The monk warned them that the sword was evil. However, they challenged him, believing that he was simply standing in their way. He defeated them, even breaking Seiji's dao, but decided to enlist their help, even training them for a brief time. The two set out on a new mission: to find out more of the sword Soul Calibur, and ensure the destruction of Soul Edge. Ji Gang gave Lingmei a pair of armored gauntlets as a gift, and gave Seiji a fragment of Soul Edge for help on their quest.

Meanwhile, in Western Europe, the vampire Reynold Ashland has resurfaced to find Soul Calibur to cure his vampirism.

Seiji and Lingmei reached Ostrheinsburg and fought against the Malfested in Algol's dimension. They even fought a malfested Reynold Ashland and defeated him in a long, hard battle. However, despite their valiance and impressive performance, Seiji came out wounded.

After Algol was defeated, Lingmei took Seiji to a local healer. After he healed, she returned to China, thanking her friend for the experience.

Lingmei returned to China to start her own martial arts school. Seiji returned to Japan and became the Takazaki clan's most decorated general, and after the first invasion of Korea, was made a shinobi for his skill in gathering information. He was also given the responsibility of a demon hunter, repelling supernatural threats to the clan, including the likes of Soul Edge and the Malfested.

Soulcalibur V

The year is 1607. Having fought on the losing side in the Battle of Sekigahara, Lord Hirosuke Takazaki died of his battle wounds shortly after swearing loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogunate, leaving only his young son, Hirotsugu, to succeed him. Being only a child, he was largely under the guidance of advisors, some of whom were corrupt.

Rumors of the return of Soul Edge arose. Hirotsugu sent General Seiji Kazemaru to the west once again to neutralize the threat. Seiji immediately agreed. However, he also had a secret goal: seeking death to atone for the atrocities that he committed in the Korean Invasions, and to end the misery of losing his best friend and former lord.

Seiji purchased a fragment of Soul Edge from a mysterious merchant, knowing that it would help him. However, the fragment inflicted his beloved wife Rinko with an incurable disease, even further motivating revenge against Soul Edge.

On his journey west, Seiji would meet two new traveling companions: Ryuki Arakachi, a Ryukyuan noble and a friend of Tong Lingmei's family, and Shu Jiaohu, a young thief from Western China and the daughter of a Ming general. These two would help Seiji on his quest, though they had their own reasons to join as well. Ryuki wanted to prove himself, much like Lingmei before him, and Jiaohu secretly had a plan to steal at least one of the Soul Swords for herself to become a master thief.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (not featured on ASOH)

400 years passed since General Seiji Kazemaru left his mark on the world as Sawasaki's most renowned adventurer, demon hunter, and overall hero.

Gaku Kazemaru, an American martial artist of Korean-Japanese heritage, and a direct descendant of Seiji, continued his family's legacy when the Devil Gene made itself known during the third King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Two years later, amidst the chaos of the world war caused by Jin Kazama and his Tekken Force, Gaku intends to seek the truth behind the Devil Gene by joining the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament along with his old friend Mirai Satomi, a kenpo expert and amateur wrestler with firearm skills. They also choose to take revenge for the destruction of their home town at the hands of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The two spend some time training with Gaku's grandfather in their ancestral martial arts, while refining Gaku's demon sealing techniques. Using their new skills learned from the Kazemaru family, the two enter the tournament.

While there, Gaku meets a high-spirited capoeirista named Vera Vidal, and the two become close. Little does he know, Mirai has also developed feelings for him not long after their reunion.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Not featured on ASOH) (NON-CANON)

When a young man claiming to be Heihachi Mishima starts a tag-team-based King of Iron Fist Tournament, Mirai Satomi decides to enter to test her new wrestling skills. Needing a tag partner, she convinces Gaku Kazemaru, her old friend and the man of her affection, to join her. Wanting a chance to try out this new tag system, investigate why this younger man is claiming to be Heihachi Mishima, and having budding feelings for Mirai, Gaku jumps on the chance to join her.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution (Not featured on ASOH)

The 6th King of Iron Fist Tournament has ended. Jin Kazama has defeated Azazel, and Heihachi Mishima has retaken his Zaibatsu. Gaku Kazemaru has begun and excelled in ninja training from his grandfather Kazuyoshi, while also having started a relationship with his friend Mirai Satomi. However, due to wanting to finish her studies, Mirai declines the upcoming 7th tournament and stays America, wishing him well. While in the tournament scene, Gaku discover the group of fellow demon hunters known as the Sirius Marksmen, led by the Italian exorcist Claudio Serafino. Believing that he can learn from them, Gaku tries to find a way to get involved with them. His first solution is to prove himself by besting Claudio in the tournament.

God Eater Resurrection (Not featured on ASOH)

Civilization has been destroyed by the Aragami. Shinobu Kazemaru, the grandson of Gaku Kazemaru, travels to Tokyo and joins Fenrir's Far East Branch as the first New-Type God Eater. During this time, he would become one of the most renowned God Eaters, and form a relationship with fellow New-Type Sachiko Perry.

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